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7-13-16: Feel the Berne

So, Bernie has now endorsed Hillary…

Are you feeling the Berne yet? Are you feeling the outrage?

You should be…For Bernie has sold out.

How could you have possibly thought, for even but a moment, that this man was an outsider?

All of your outrage at the Demoncraps; where will you direct it now?

And Trump has said that he will endorse any Repubican nominee. Are you feeling betrayed there too, yet? Did you get burned there, too?

How could anyone not have foreseen this inevitable end? How could anyone have blinded themselves to all of this? How could anyone have possibly mistaken both of their business-as-usual, as an onslaught upon the establishment by a pair of putative outsiders?

Did you see think that you saw your Messiah, in any of these three painted harlequins?


All they are, are just pretenders. They are but the two faces of the same Beast – The one turned to the Left, and the one turned to the Right – But still, they are one and the same face. And this Beast seeks only to rule you, to devour you, to control your mind and your body, and to place every square inch of the entire earth beneath its feet.

And you all had such high hopes, that there would be some real change in Washington!

You must all feel pretty stupid, by now…

For it was all entirely predictable, and has been played by some very old playbooks. For the Party, is paramount; and the people, are but the dust to be ground beneath its feet. And that is the way that they look at you, these three.

I am sorry…

But it is all so very predictable, and inevitable, and outright laughable. For you have pinned all of your hopes upon the ones whose mouths are latched fast to the teat of the Beast, who is the Mother of all of these Fatherless bastards.

You took them both into your mouths, when you should have been spitting them out. And now, you have taken them both up the backside…

Do you feel the Berne, yet?

The Trump?

Or, maybe, the bump and the hump?

Do you feel dismayed? Betrayed? Demeaned? Defiled?


It is well that you should!

But there is an alternative…

For you can join us here, in the Shadow Government. And while Bernie and Donald and Hillary aspire only to rule you, to place you under their thumbs and their heels, we of the Shadow Government, seek only to save what we can…

Whatever, that is, is still worthy of saving. For we are the Nation Apart…We, who seek only after Gan Eden, and not after the promises and the mirages, not after the dust-devils of this world.

And that is something, which none of these rotting Beasts can ever take away from any of us. For the Green Hedge raised up around Gan Eden, is secure and impenetrable; and the Key to the Door, has been well hidden away from the cynical likes of all of the Hillarys, and the Bernies, and the Donalds.

It has been hidden away from them, for millennia…

From the Very Beginning.

Know, that they have been appointed by Hashem to be exactly who and what they are, because men have chosen to be exactly who and what they have chosen to be…

So, you see? It is all up to you, and depends entirely upon the personal choices you make for yourselves. Obama, was your choice for yourself…

And just look at the result, of that choice.

So, the next time that you happen to run into your local Shadow Government operative? Why don’t you try to pay a little more attention to what he or she is trying to tell you? You will be glad that you did, in the End.

But you must listen very closely, to that Quiet Whisper which you are hearing in those most silent of hours; for they will not, they cannot, be anywhere near as obvious about it all as I am. Understand, that they are bound to non-interference…

That is, they may not influence you by any overt, direct means.

Unlike me…

We need a few more good men and women Up Here. Indeed; that is all who we are approaching, and are recruiting, and are taking in, into the Shadow Government.

Oh, it’s real enough – It’s far more real, than anything which any man can possibly imagine. And it is right here, and it is right now…


Come Out of the Beast, and shake the defiling, crawling dust of Babylon from off of the soles of your feet.

Come Out of her…

Cleanse yourself…

And join the Shadow Government.

Gary W. Harper

 © 7-13-16


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7-25-16: The Party

Why all of the anger, Comrades? Do you not know, that there is only one Will, and one Way, and that is the Will and the Way of the Party?

Perhaps, you require reeducation…

Why all of the individualistic outbursts, Comrades? Do you not know, that individualism is not Socialistic?

There are ones appointed to be individuals, Comrade. But they are not you. They are the Politburo, and the Commissariat, of the Party. Be silent, like the good, educated Socialists all are.

So put away your signs, Comrades; and come away peacefully, before we have to get rough with you. And how will that help to further the Bolshevik Revolution? For you must know by now, that the individual counts for nothing. The life of every individual, is as nothing in the Face of the Party, not even to be considered. The Party, is paramount; for it provides for your every need, and gives you everything you require to live. The Party has raised you, and has kept you, from cradle to grave. So you must give your all when the Party asks of you for it, without any question, even unto the final measure.

Be good, true, Socialist Comrades, and return to the fold; and everything will be taken care of, for you. Everything will then go well for you, once you realize and recognize that the Will and need of the Party are the only Will, and the only need, which count for anything in the human condition.

There are many people, and they are dispensable. But there in only one Party. And the people need to serve the Party, which shepherds them.

Do just as we ask of you, and it will go well with you, Comrades. Your every basic, physical need will be taken care of, in our Paradise.

But if you choose to buck the Party…

Well…You leave us with absolutely no choice, Comrades.

But consider first, that it is for your own good…And in that final instant, you will finally come to recognize that the Party indeed does come first. And your sacrifices will glorify the Party, which is naturally and rightfully the father and mother over all.

Da! Pravda!

You need not think at all. And you are far too uneducated, to make any decisions for yourself. Leave all of that up to the Party; for we are already thinking for you, are thinking about everything that you will ever need. Let Comrade Hillary do all of your thinking for you, and it will all go well with you.

It is far better that you go along with it, so that it all goes well with you, Comrades. For a pathological reliance upon an idea of individualism, is a sickness of the heart and mind of a man, and is not at all Socialistic. It brings strife and discord, Comrades; and the means of production, themselves, suffer for it.

Isn’t it far better that you let the Party take care of everything, so that you need not think nor care about anything at all? Isn’t that the Paradise of every good, productive, Socialist worker?

Remember, Comrades; the Party, is all. And the Party will not have anything else placed before it.

It’s for your own good…

Gary W. Harper

© 7-25-16


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