7-13-16: Feel the Berne

So, Bernie has now endorsed Hillary…

Are you feeling the Berne yet? Are you feeling the outrage?

You should be…For Bernie has sold out.

How could you have possibly thought, for even but a moment, that this man was an outsider?

All of your outrage at the Demoncraps; where will you direct it now?

And Trump has said that he will endorse any Repubican nominee. Are you feeling betrayed there too, yet? Did you get burned there, too?

How could anyone not have foreseen this inevitable end? How could anyone have blinded themselves to all of this? How could anyone have possibly mistaken both of their business-as-usual, as an onslaught upon the establishment by a pair of putative outsiders?

Did you see think that you saw your Messiah, in any of these three painted harlequins?


All they are, are just pretenders. They are but the two faces of the same Beast – The one turned to the Left, and the one turned to the Right – But still, they are one and the same face. And this Beast seeks only to rule you, to devour you, to control your mind and your body, and to place every square inch of the entire earth beneath its feet.

And you all had such high hopes, that there would be some real change in Washington!

You must all feel pretty stupid, by now…

For it was all entirely predictable, and has been played by some very old playbooks. For the Party, is paramount; and the people, are but the dust to be ground beneath its feet. And that is the way that they look at you, these three.

I am sorry…

But it is all so very predictable, and inevitable, and outright laughable. For you have pinned all of your hopes upon the ones whose mouths are latched fast to the teat of the Beast, who is the Mother of all of these Fatherless bastards.

You took them both into your mouths, when you should have been spitting them out. And now, you have taken them both up the backside…

Do you feel the Berne, yet?

The Trump?

Or, maybe, the bump and the hump?

Do you feel dismayed? Betrayed? Demeaned? Defiled?


It is well that you should!

But there is an alternative…

For you can join us here, in the Shadow Government. And while Bernie and Donald and Hillary aspire only to rule you, to place you under their thumbs and their heels, we of the Shadow Government, seek only to save what we can…

Whatever, that is, is still worthy of saving. For we are the Nation Apart…We, who seek only after Gan Eden, and not after the promises and the mirages, not after the dust-devils of this world.

And that is something, which none of these rotting Beasts can ever take away from any of us. For the Green Hedge raised up around Gan Eden, is secure and impenetrable; and the Key to the Door, has been well hidden away from the cynical likes of all of the Hillarys, and the Bernies, and the Donalds.

It has been hidden away from them, for millennia…

From the Very Beginning.

Know, that they have been appointed by Hashem to be exactly who and what they are, because men have chosen to be exactly who and what they have chosen to be…

So, you see? It is all up to you, and depends entirely upon the personal choices you make for yourselves. Obama, was your choice for yourself…

And just look at the result, of that choice.

So, the next time that you happen to run into your local Shadow Government operative? Why don’t you try to pay a little more attention to what he or she is trying to tell you? You will be glad that you did, in the End.

But you must listen very closely, to that Quiet Whisper which you are hearing in those most silent of hours; for they will not, they cannot, be anywhere near as obvious about it all as I am. Understand, that they are bound to non-interference…

That is, they may not influence you by any overt, direct means.

Unlike me…

We need a few more good men and women Up Here. Indeed; that is all who we are approaching, and are recruiting, and are taking in, into the Shadow Government.

Oh, it’s real enough – It’s far more real, than anything which any man can possibly imagine. And it is right here, and it is right now…


Come Out of the Beast, and shake the defiling, crawling dust of Babylon from off of the soles of your feet.

Come Out of her…

Cleanse yourself…

And join the Shadow Government.

Gary W. Harper

 © 7-13-16


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2 thoughts on “7-13-16: Feel the Berne

  1. I rarely drop comments, however i did some searching and wound up here 7-13-16: Feel the Berne
    | SHADOW GOVERNMENT. And I do have 2 questions
    for you if you do not mind. Could it be simply me or does it look as if like a few
    of these comments come across as if they are written by
    brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are writing at additional sites,
    I would like to follow everything fresh you have to post.
    Would you make a list of all of your public sites like your Facebook
    page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?


  2. If the comments you are referring to are on the D.C. Clothesline?

    That is an archive of older posts by various writers, mostly arch-conservative in outlook, from about three and more years ago. Some of the comments, yes, are admittedly, regrettable.

    There is a newer D.C. Clothesline, which I do not participate in.

    I have no control over the archive, nor over the comments on either of those blogs.

    I do not do Twitter; and I go into LinkedIn, once in about every two years.

    As far as Facebook goes?

    I cannot allow my personal views to reflect upon my position at work, which is required to remain neutrally P.C. So, I do not send out many friend requests; nor do I confirm any new friends who I cannot check out there. This is a necessity, until I retire, so that I can keep my personal life, my social persona, and my public work profile, all as well separated as possible, as is required.

    If you are clever and persistent enough?

    Oh, you will be able to find me there. Or, as an alternative, if you are willing to shell out the $19.95, to one of those many people search pages…

    But I have already emailed you. And if I can learn a little more about you? Perhaps, we could be Facebook friends?

    But know up front — I am a friend of neither Communism, nor Fascism — Which two political systems, the blindly-enamored citizens of the U.S. seem to have such a fascination, and a passion for, these past few years.

    I, myself?

    I, have defected…

    And I am, long aligned with an alternative form of Government — One which few people ever even attempt to try To Know, or To Understand.

    I see you like film. Shadow Government, someday, will be one of the most fascinating film series which you can ever imagine. Think, Matrix meets Dirk Gentley meets The Ten Commandments meets Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind — On the History Channel.

    The Shadow Government, is a whole lot like that…

    The three dots?

    I found out just today, not three hours ago, that they were considered to be novel in the day of Louis-Fernand August Destsuches, Celine. However, I discovered them independently, just as I also use the single sentences. For it is they way that I think – As I am AADD, and Asperger’s.


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